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Fiona Hillary


Fiona Hillary is a Melbourne based artist working in the public realm. Engaging with; site, technology (more-than-human), human and non-human companion species, Fiona focuses on temporary, fleeting encounters of the everyday that draw attention to the entanglements of public space. Her current work, Posthuman PUBLICS explores how interdisciplinary laboratories create attentive registers for the abstraction of ordinary experiences and spaces, allowing artists and audiences to co-constitute experiences that draw attention to our implication in climate change as trans-corporeal subjects.

Fiona is the Program Manager of the Master of Arts – Art in Public Space at RMIT University. She is a Research Lead in the School of Art research group Contemporary Art and Social Transformation. Fiona is currently a co-editor on the Journal of Public Space with Luisa Bravo and Maggie McCormick – Art and Activism editions. She sits on the Curatorial Advisory Committee for the Gertrude Street Projection Festival. She is a member of the Algae Society, a global collective of interdisciplinary researchers.

In 2020 Fiona curated Posthuman PUBLICS (2020) for RMIT Instersect to coincide with Prof Rosi Bradotti’s visit as a Research Fellow in DERC and CAST:

Fiona Hillary
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